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Same Day Turnaround Appointments Available

Your bike needs a tweak and you don't want to be without it for a week or more? Consider calling ahead to see if one of our same day turnaround appointments are available. Spaces are limited and if we need to order parts it may take longer than a day. But if it really just is a tweak, no need to go without your bike for longer than you need to be. Book today so you can be back out riding sooner. Same service rates apply.


Full Tune-Up - $73.99

*cleaning and lubrication of drive train
*inspection and adjustment of all bicycle components requiring specific torque values to ensure safe, effective operation
*Chain wear inspection
*Brake adjustment
*Shifting adjustment

*Frame wipe down
*Check and Adjust Tire Pressures
*Minor Wheel Truing

** NOTE ** excessively dirty frames may be charged an additional fee for cleaning. To be discussed upon drop off.

Segmented service rates:

Brake adjustment (front and rear)– $24.99

Hydraulic Brake Bleed (Avid) - $29.99 for one; $54.99 for both

Hydraulic Brake Bleed (Shimano or Hayes) – $24.99 for one; $44.99 for both

*Hydraulic disc brakes are the most effective braking systems on the modern bicycle. Over time, especially in heavier use situations such as mountain biking, the sealed system will take in small amounts of air and dirt, which causes the braking to feel squishy and weak, or not work at all. Brake bleeding involves removing the air, replacing the old dirty fluid with new clean fluid, and pressurizing the system for optimum performance and safety.

*The Avid bleed process is more involved than the Shimano or Hayes system, it takes longer to do, which is the reason for the price difference.


Wheel Truing

*Wheel truing is the process by which we straighten bent bicycle wheels. Bicycle spokes need to be tensioned properly to ensure proper straightness in the rim. Over time, and especially in heavy use situations, rims develop bends which can be fixed by adjusting spoke tension throughout the wheel. It is a process which requires special tools, and also a good deal of experience to do properly. We are fully trained and highly experienced with wheel truing, and take pride in our success with even the trickiest of rims. Every wheel is unique, but they should all spin in a straight line.

level 1- minor true $14.99 based on 15 min shop rate

level 2- significant damage $29.99 based on ½ hr shop rate

level 3- major damage $59.99 based on 1 hr shop rate, includes de-tensioning of all spokes, setting dish and spoke tensions and truing wheel.


Other Services

Shifting Service: $14.99 for adjustment of H/L limits and cable tensions, front and rear.

*Gear shifting problems are the most common issues with bikes. Minor adjustments can make big differences.

Tire/Tube Change: $9.99

Hub Overhaul: $29.99 per hub

*Most hubs contain ball bearings and are packed with grease. Over time dirt, water, and decomposition contribute to rough, sticky, and sometimes loose hub operation. In the hub overhaul, the axle is disassembled, degreased, re-packed, and ball bearings are replaced if necessary.



Winter Service's


Ski/Board Full Tune: $44.95

-Sharpen + Bevel side edge
-Sharpen + Bevel base edge
-Clean, inspect, and Hand-wax base (universal, moist, or cold temperature waxes available)

Base Repair: $4.99 and up

-based on severity of base damage

Hand-Wax Only: $27.99

-Clean, inspect, and Hand-wax base (universal, moist, or cold temperature waxes available)


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